To the world! And to the future! I challenge the innovation of the press technology! It is possible with impossibility by a tradition and high technology! SAITO PRESS CO.,LTD.

Facilities information

By 250 tons of servo press, I can cope with the order forwarding press working that it is complicated, and is many processes.
The highly precise three-dimensional pipe bending can support in an NC lathe and an NC pipe vendor.
At a welding robot line, I weld a press artefact in the company and can cope with wide welding when I weld a three-dimensional curve pipe.
In addition, I can cope with a mass production of the brazing by the automatic brazing machine that I developed originally.



List of facilities

Press section

NoFacilities nameSpecificationsNumberNote
1Servo press250tW1It is with an order feeder
2Power press200tS1It is with an order feeder
3Power press150tS1It is with an order feeder
4Power press150tW1It is with an order feeder
5Power press110tS1It is with an order feeder
6Power press60tS1It is with an order feeder
7Power press150t2
8Power press80t1
9Power press45t2
10Power press35t5
11Power press25t2
12Power press15t1
13Power press60t1It is with a handling robot
14Calking press2
15Crank press15t1

Welding section

NoFacilities nameSpecificationsNumberNote
16Arc welding robot6
17Plane with automatic wax3
18Plane with hand-operated wax1
19Spot welder2

Lathe section

NoFacilities nameSpecificationsNumberNote
20NC lathe4
21Automatic board2
22Automatic chamfering machine1
23Pipe vendor1
24NC pipe vendor1

Assembling, shipment section

NoFacilities nameSpecificationsNumberNote
25Re-betting machine3

Die saection

NoFacilities nameSpecificationsNumberNote
29NC fraise1
30General-purpose fraise3
31Wire cut2
32Electric discharge method machine1
33Laser material processing machine2.0kW1
34Molding grinder1
35Plane grinder1
36General-purpose lathe1
37Contour machine1
38Drill press2
39Measuring instrument for materials examinations50kN1 Product made in Shimazu Corporation